Wednesday, 25 January 2017

MAC Haul #3

I have another MAC haul for you today. I’ve been naughty! I bought at bit more than I did last time and I did buy the items I have been looking at for a while. I mean’t to haul these products a couple of weeks ago, but I had a slight issue with my order. I was sent a Pro Longwear Blush in Whole Lotta Love instead of the Fluidline I ordered. I had to put a customer services report in and wait for a reply! I know mistakes can happen, but the blush was £5.50 more than the eyeliner I ordered and I was only charged the eyeliner price. I technically could have kept the blush and re-ordered the eyeliner, therefore saving £5.50 on the blush. The blush wasn’t the right shade for me anyway and I am an honest person. As it turned out, they sent me my Fluidline and they didn’t mention anything about me sending the blush back! I’m guessing they couldn’t re-sell it anyway because you can’t tell if it has been opened or not. Let’s get on to what I ordered:-
I decided to buy two more Eyeshadows in All That Glitters (beige with gold pearl - veluxe pearl) and Naked Lunch (minimal pink with shimmer - frost). I have been looking at these shades for a while and only really just got around to actually purchasing them. I also finally decided to buy the Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Bare Study (soft beige with gold pearl). I wanted this back when I got Rubenesque, but I thought I had too many similar shades, but fast forward a few years I thought why not? I also decided to pick up and try the Fluidline in Dip Down (deep dark flat brown). I only own one cream/gel eyeliner and it is in black. I am interested in doing eyeliner with this type of formula again and thought a brown shade would be good to experiment with. Lastly, I received another sample of the In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara (1g).
I don’t plan on making any more MAC purchases anytime soon, but you never know.

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Monday, 2 January 2017

The Mascara Diaries: 9 Reviews In 1

My first post of 2017 is kind of a mega one. I was looking back through some old blog files on my PC and came across a few mascara reviews I did, but never posted. Some of the mascaras are quite old now, but I thought I would group them all together and post them because I still think they are still relevant. Any discontinued products may be available on discount sites or a similar and suitable substitute may be found (ex. a lot of the Maybelline Volum’ Express mascaras perform quite similar).
Maybelline One by One Volum’ Express
Whenever Maybelline bring out a new Volum’ Express mascara I just have to buy it and this one was no exception. I tend to get them on the £2 off introductory offer.

The tube is a sort of red/pink coral colour with fuchsia reflexes and it has an aqua/teal band between the applicator and tube, which is the same colour as the writing. On the back of the tube there is also the brush type diagram, but the tube and applicator come separate in the main packaging anyway, so you can actually see the brush and a stopper in the tube is put in its place. The brush is made of rubber and it is packed with rubber bristles too. The formula is mean’t to condition your lashes with Vitamin C*, which should make them smooth and not stick together. You get 10.4ml of product inside the tube and the shade I have is Very Black.
This mascara is supposed to give your lashes eye catching volume with no clumps. It also claims that the Patented Lash Catcher brush has up to three bristles per lash, which help catch, coat and de-clump your lashes as well as making them appear more volumised. The website says that for the best results you need to sweep the brush from root to tip, which will build and not to let it dry in between coats.

This mascara is brilliant! Not only is the packaging really nice, but it does exactly what it claims to do. The brush is very easy to manoeuvre and if you want a slight curl you can turn the brush as it is gliding through your eye lashes. I’m not sure if the formula really conditions your lashes but, your lashes do feel quite soft and not hard, spiky or dry. The mascara is very easy to build and gives your lashes lots of volume, a bold black colour, definition, length and separation as well as NO CLUMPS! I suggest applying each coat straight after each other, but I don’t let my lashes dry in between coats anyway.

This is one of my favourite mascaras ever and Maybelline is definitely the Queen of drugstore mascara. Sadly, I have heard rumours that this mascara is to be discontinued and I really hope they are just rumours because I LOVE this mascara!

Price - £8.49     Rating - 5/5
Recommend - Yes        Re-Purchase - Yes
Available at - DISCONTINUED, possibly available on eBay/Amazon
Barry M Lash Modelling
I bought this a long while ago and initially didn’t like it. Now that I have had it a while the formula has aged and my opinions of it have changed a lot!

The packaging is a lilac cylindrical tube with black typography. And there is a small pattern design, which resembles false eyelashes. The brush is made of rubber and it is kind of rocket shaped with a small point. It is also quite thin and small. The formula quite glossy and tacky, but not sticky. You get 8ml of product in each tube and the shade I have is black.
This mascara is mean’t to coat every eyelash, as well as lengthen and giving them a natural curl.

After first not liking this mascara, I now love it! This definitely gets better with age, even though it may not be the most hygienic time to use it. The brush is great and easy to use and can get it every lash. The slightly tacky formula lengthens, separates and defines your lashes, as well as making them bold, voluminous and it leaves them with a slight curl. This mascara is also clump free and it didn’t smudge or transfer on me at all. The effects also last all day.

I definitely recommend this mascara, especially when you have opened it and left it a while to ‘simmer’ before using it. It really is a stark contrast to when I first opened it, because it did nothing apart from coat my lashes black.

Price - £6.19     Rating - 5/5
Recommend - Yes        Re-Purchase - Yes
Available at - DISCONTINUED, possibly available on eBay/Amazon
Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume
I decided to try this because I had seen it being used on YouTube and I saw the regular Define-A-Lash, but I thought the Define-A-Lash Volume would give me extra results.

The packaging is simple, but very nicely presented and the information is very visible, making it clear to read. At the top of the tube on the brush handle, there is a clear part which shows that the mascara is not waterproof. The brush is made of pink plastic and has small spikes. The brush is a kind of curved cylinder shape and there is a tip at the top of the brush without the spikes. The formula is not overly wet or dry, which makes it the perfect consistency. You get 6.5ml of product and I have the shade Very Black.
This mascara claims to be clump free, lash separating and claims to give voluptuous volume. It also claims to have a shaped-to-the-lash brush, which “captures and plumps each lash”.

I really like the packaging, it’s simple and to the point and it’s distinctive. The brush is very easy to use and is not flimsy at all. The tip at the top also reaches the very inner lashes, to ensure every lash is coated. It is also easy to apply to the backs of your lashes. I also believe the shaped-to-the-lash claim, because the brush is not too thick and not too thin, which makes it the perfect size for my eye shape.  The only problem I had was when I first started using it because it didn’t really do anything for my lashes, but after a few days I noticed the difference. I suppose it just needed ‘breaking in’. I also really like the formula. It dries quite quickly, but when I first started using it I got lash flicks on my eye area, but that hasn’t happened since. This mascara makes my eyelashes look quite voluminous, and it slightly adds length and a small curl. It has a really bold colour and definitely one I have loved wearing. It does not smudge on me and the effect lasts all day.

Overall this mascara was brilliant and definitely worth the price tag. The only bad thing is that it is not widely available in the UK, which is why I purchased mine online from a discounted cosmetics website. If you ever happen to come across it in person, it is well worth the pick-up and I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Price - £8.19     Rating - 5/5
Recommend - Yes        Re-Purchase - Yes
Available at - DISCONTINUED, possibly available on eBay/Amazon
L’ORÉAL False Lash Telescopic
I decided to try this because quite a few YouTube Beauty Guru’s like the original Telescopic and I wasn’t going to purchase one until I saw the False Lash Telescopic advertised. So I thought this one would be better and thought I might as well as try it and use up some of my Boots Advantage Card Points.

The packaging is very light weight and sleek and is shaped as a plastic silver telescope. The writing is also easy to read and fits in neatly with the design, as it is a small detail. The lid of the mascara is the brush handle and the brush is thin curved shape and the tip, which doesn’t have any brush spikes, is like an arrow’s head. The formula is not overly dry and is not wet and messy. You get 9ml of product and the shade I have is Magnetic Black.
“It’s off the scale!” This mascara is supposed to give a lengthening false lash look, make lashes look longer and build intensity because of the lengthening fibre formula.

The website doesn’t really go into detail about this mascara but I have my own opinions. I really enjoyed using this mascara and I liked everything about it. The packaging is really nice and sleek and the brush is very easy to use and is the perfect size for my eye. When you first apply the mascara to your lashes, the effects are instant and very bold. It really lengthens each lash and you can see the small fibres on the brush, but once on the lashes they blend in completely, giving lots of definition. You can easily layer, which builds the intensity, but I recommend not letting it dry in between coats. After one coat your lashes look very voluminous and false and clump free. The effects also translate to your lower lashes, making them really long and defined.

Overall I really love this mascara and it is definitely one of my favourites! The price is quite expensive for a drugstore mascara but because I like it, I would say the price is worth it if you can’t find a less expensive mascara that gives you the same or better results.

Price - £10.99   Rating - 5/5
Recommend - Yes        Re-Purchase - Yes
Available at - Boots, Superdrug, Target
Soap & Glory Thick & Fast™
I received this mascara in a Soap & Glory gift set I got as a gift for Christmas 2012. I was interested in trying it before, but my local Boots store does not have a Soap & Glory cosmetics stand and they only sell a few items of the cosmetic range like the bronzer and lipglosses.

This product has a slim black plastic tube with pink font detailing and on the tip of the lid is Soap & Glory’s logo stamp. The brush is quite large and a large to pointy shape. There are lots of bristles, which are your stand spiky synthetic hair bristles. The formula is quite thick and not very wet, but it is not dry. You get 10ml of product in the tube and I have the shade Superjet Black.
This mascara is supposed to give you longer and fuller lashes. On the website it says the product contains SUPERFILL™ False Lash Fillers, which give the appearance of false lashes with fuller volume, Shine Amplifiers, which give the appearance of healthy glossy lashes with lots of volume, NoFlake24 technology, which is to prevent flaking of the formula and lastly, Natural Wax Film Formers, which make the formula really fine so that it prevents clumping of the lashes when applied.

I did enjoy using this mascara because it makes your lashes appear longer, fuller, voluminous and more defined, as well as giving them the false lash effect. I didn’t really notice if my lashes look glossy, but they did have a bold black colour. This mascara is really easy to layer and it is recommended that you do not let your lashes dry in between coats. I didn’t experience any flaking or clumps and the only problem I had was that it took a week to break in and be at its best. All effects I describe also translate to the lower lashes too.

Overall this mascara is really good and is value for money. I wouldn’t purchase myself because it is a bit pricy and it is not the best mascara I have tried for the price. Also if I did want to buy it myself, I would have to purchase it online because my local Boots store does not have a Soap & Glory cosmetic stand.

Price - £10.00   Rating - 5/5
Recommend - Yes        Re-Purchase - No
Available at - Boots
Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam
I bought this mascara because there was a 3 for 2 offer on in Superdrug and I was interested in trying a Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara. I was going to get a different one, but then Rimmel came out with this one and I thought it sounded perfect. Since I bought mine, they now do an extreme black version.

The packaging is made of black plastic and it has a white and black retro theme and pattern on it. It is quite a large tube and it is thicker in the middle and both ends of the tube are more narrow and thinner. The brush is hourglass shaped and the bristles are slightly spiralled. The formula is kind of waxy and it is not a wet mascara. You get 12ml of product in the tube and the shade I have is Black.
This mascara is supposed to give your lashes a bold, wide eyed volumised false lash look and it is also mean’t to plump and fan your lashes up and out. The hourglass shape of the brush should enable an easier application close to the lash line and the lower lashes. The brush should also coat your lashes individually for a false lash look “in one simple stroke”. Lastly, the formula should be clump free.

I did enjoy this mascara. It gave my lashes a bold voluminous look, but they didn’t quite look like false lashes. The hourglass shaped wand did help give my lashes a fanned out effect and it was easy to apply to my lower lashes too. It also coated my lashes evenly and there was no clumping. This mascara didn’t smudge or flake on me either.

Overall I did really like this mascara and it is definitely worth purchasing. Like I said, I haven’t tried the original Scandaleyes mascara, so I don’t know the difference but I would always go for the one that has the most claims and that mentions a false lash look.

Price - £6.99     Rating - 4/5
Recommend - Yes        Re-Purchase - Yes
Available at - Superdrug, Boots
Maybelline The Rocket
This is yet another Maybelline Volum’ Express Mascara. I got it when the £2 off offer was on.

The tube is a sort of bright navy blue colour with aqua reflexes and it has a hot pink band between the applicator and tube, which is the same colour as the writing. On the back of the tube there is also the brush type diagram. The brush is a sort of cylindrical dome shape and is made of rubber. It is also packed with rubber bristles like the One by One mascara, also by Maybelline. Maybelline call it their Jet-Glide brush and it is exclusive to this mascara. The formula is not dry but not overly wet and it has a glossy appearance. You get 9.6ml of product inside the tube and the shade I have is Black.
This mascara is mean’t to give your lashes massive and eight times more volume, a sleek and even look and a glossy finish. It is supposed to be clump free and very easy to apply because the Jet-Glide brush is supposed to glide through your lashes and give you lots of volume in very little coats and in “rocket time”.

The packaging is really pretty and I really liked using this mascara and it is definitely in my top five. The brush is slightly stiff and a lot like my beloved One by One mascara and it glides straight through your lashes and it only takes two coats to get perfect volumised lashes and all in “rocket time”!  The formula is clump free and it gives your lashes a sleek and even look, massive volume, length, separation and a glossy finish.

Overall this is a great mascara and I love it! The only problems I have are that I’m not sure how the eight times more volume claim works out and before it dries or if it rains the mascara can slightly transfer above and on your eye lids. It can also be slightly difficult at times to remove the transfer/smudge from your eye, even with a cotton bud (cue tip) and I find I have to rub hard to remove some and then wet the bud to remove the remainder. Other than that this mascara is brilliant and fool proof!

Price - £7.99     Rating - 4.5/5
Recommend - Yes        Re-Purchase - Yes
Available at - Superdrug, Boots, Target
L’ORÉAL Mega Volume Collagene 24H
I got this mascara as a free gift with purchase from It was supposed to be a Benefit mascara but they had run out of those and sent this to me as a replacement, which I was not expecting because it said you get the free gift if it was available. So I was very thankful and excited to try this instead!

The packaging is your standard black plastic tube with a simple silver/black design. It has a matte finish and is slightly clear on the brush handle. It also has a diagram of the brush on the back of the tube. The brush has a slightly curved shaped with regular bristles. It kind of reminds me of the shape of a banana. The formula is quite soft and not dry but not overly wet either. It is also mean’t to be collagen enriched and have a boosted black pigment. You get 10ml of product in the tube and the shade I have is Black Smoke.
This mascara is mean’t to amplify the look of your lashes and give them mega volume and a mega black colour. The brush is supposed to be two times the size of a regular mascara brush, which should enable it to give your lashes fast volume and a very plumped look. The overall effects of this mascara should last twenty-four hours.

I LOVE this mascara! The packaging looks very sleek and the brush is very easy to manoeuvre. This mascara amplifies, plumps, defines, separates and volumises your lashes to the extreme! It also gives them a bold black colour and matching lower lashes. It is also free from clumps, flaking and it doesn’t smudge. I find it very easy to apply because the brush isn’t that big and the formula is the perfect consistency. It is also easy to clean up mistakes and it doesn’t take a great effort to remove it at the end of the day. I’m not sure about the twenty-four hour wear claim because I never or would ever need to wear mascara for that long, but I have worn it for around thirteen hours and it still looked perfect from when I applied it in the morning.

Overall this is one of the best mascaras I have ever tried and I would definitely recommend it. I just wish it was slightly cheaper in price, but other than that it is faultless!

Price - £9.99     Rating - 5/5
Recommend - Yes        Re-Purchase - Yes
Available at - DISCONTINUED, possibly available on eBay/Amazon
MODELCO Fibre Lashxtend
I got this mascara free with a Glamour Magazine, which I only bought so I could try the mascara out because it was advertised as being from a high end brand, so I was interested to see what it would do for my lashes.

The packaging is quite simple and it is a black plastic cuboid shaped tube with the logo on the front in silver print and the name of the mascara printed in hot pink. On the reverse side there is a small narrow mirror. The brush is your standard type for mascara with a pointed tip and slightly spiralled shape. The formula is rich, glossy and contains “innovative inbuilt fibres”, which contribute to the false lash look. You get 10ml of product in the tube and the shade is Black.
This mascara is supposed to give your lashes a false lash effect, length, amplified and voluptuous volume and definition. It is also supposed to have a rich glossy formula that is clump free, smudge and tear proof, water resistant and warm water dissolvable.

I really enjoyed using this mascara. It has a rich and glossy formula that is jam packed with small fibres. It’s not very wet, but it is not dry, which is perfect for building and layering the fibres and it dries very quick. It lengthens, amplifies, and defines your lashes, making them appear false with voluptuous volume. The effects last all day too! It is indeed clump free, but I can’t say that it is water resistant because when it rained I noticed it smudged and transferred slightly. It was also easy to remove at the end of the day. The brand recommends warm water, but I found cold water worked just as well.

Overall this is a brilliant mascara, but I don’t think I will re-purchase it because I think £28 is a ridiculous price for a mascara. I have tried other and better ones which are less than half the price of this one.

Price - £28.00   Rating - 5/5
Recommend - Yes        Re-Purchase - No
Available at - DISCONTINUED, possibly available on eBay/Amazon

Thank you so much for taking time to read these reviews. I decided to review these mascaras in one post because I tried the majority of them before I started this blog and I thought it would be easier than posting each one separately.

Which one of the 9 mascaras is your favourite?

Friday, 30 December 2016

MAC Haul #2

I have a small MAC haul for you today; I purchased everything via the MAC website. I have been buying a lot over the festive period, but I am still waiting for everything to arrive. Nevertheless, there will be more hauls coming soon.
I didn’t buy that much because I didn’t want to go too crazy because I have my eye on a lot more products from other brands. I finally decided to get the Eye Kohl in Smolder (intense black). I have heard about this eyeliner pencil for years, but after swatching I noticed that it is not quite as black as the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion. The UD pencil has a more creamy texture and a sort of glossy finish, which is probably why it is a slightly deeper black. I also got a Magic Dust Eyeshadow in Forward March (peachy gold shimmer). It is from the Nutcracker Sweet Collection (Holiday 2016) and it was on sale at 30% off. Lastly, I received a FREE sample; I had a choice of three and decided to get the In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara (1g).
I am happy with my purchases and cannot wait to test them out. Please leave any suggestions for MAC products for me to try in the comments section.

♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Serial Sampler #8

I recently received this sample but I have known about this scent for a while. What appealed to me most were the scent name and the bottle design.

It is Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent and it is a 1.2ml spritzer sample of the eau de parfum.

“An intoxicating white chypre to make you lose your senses. The sensuality of white petaled musk, enlightened by a vertiginous datura accord and balanced by the intensity of an exceptional patchouli. The trail of intense love. Peony accord - white musk - datura accord - patchouli essence.”
It contains a mixture notes such as; Strawberry, Pear, Calone, Datura, Orange Blossom, Chinse Jasmine and Moss.

It is quite a strong a vibrant scent. You can really smell the musk, berries, jasmine and orange blossom. It is a very nice fruity floral scent and it is suitable for all ages. Although it is a strong scent, it is not too overpowering or offensive. I actually really like the scent and I am considering purchasing a bottle.

You can buy it in 30ml (£46.50), 50ml (£65.50) and 90ml (£86.50) and it is available at places such as; Boots and Sephora.

♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, 16 December 2016

O.P.I Breakfast at Tiffany's Mini Mani Month Set

I heard that O.P.I would be releasing a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Collection and I was really interesting in trying some shades, so when I was browsing the O.P.I website and came across this set, I snapped it up straight away!
The packaging is like a white and lilac fashion book and it has a beauty advent calendar vibe. It is a sort of alternative to a beauty calendar. There are five rows with five shades covering two sides of the book. You can open the windows that cover the shades, but it will reveal all five shades, which is why it doesn’t quite pass as a calendar. Plus, you can’t actually take the bottles out like you would a beauty/chocolate calendar. You have to open the sides of the book and pull out the five separate plastic trays which hold the bottles. There seems to be a lot of wasted packaging this way.
You get twenty-five 3.75ml bottles of Nail Lacquer and the set contains new shades from the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Collection, and some old favourites already part of the main shade selection. I have decided to show swatches on a nail display because my nails are not in great shape at the moment.
Alpine Snow - crisp white (crème)
Breakfast at Tiffany’s - pearl (shimmer)
I Believe In Manicures - light blue (crème)
This Cost Me a Mint - pale mint green (crème)
Mod About You - light pink (crème)
Champagne for Breakfast - sparkling silver (glitter)
Rich Girls & Po-Boys - China blue (crème)
Do You Lilac It? - light purple (crème)
Black Dress Not Optional - elegant black (crème)
Stay Off the Lawn!! - deep lush green (crème)
It’s a Girl - baby pink (sheer)
Lucky Lucky Lavender - luscious light purple (crème)
A-Rose at Dawn…Broke By Noon - gleaming rose (pearl)
Meet My “Decorator” - hot red (crème)
Apartment for Two - romantic raspberry (crème)
Five-and-Ten - shimmery champagne (shimmer)
Dulce de Leche - sweet creamy nude (crème)
Got the Mean Reds - holiday red
Fire Escape Rendezvous - matte glittery ruby (shimmer)
I’m Not Really a Waitress - vivacious Chianti red (pearl)
Sunrise…Bedtime! - glittery dawn pink (glitter)
Can’t Read Without My Lipstick - creamy maroon (crème)
Rich & Brazilian - rich burgundy (shimmer)
Pompeii Purple - hot crimson with purple (pearl)
Miami Beet - racy red-violet (crème)
Overall this is a great set as you get so many beautiful shades to try out and the packaging is so lovely and enticing. My favourite shades are; Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Five-and-Ten, Rich & Brazilian and Fire Escape Rendezvous (my overall favourite) and I have already re-purchased them in full size bottles. I am mostly drawn to the left side of the book because that is where the reds and warm shades are, but some of the cooler shades from the right side do appeal to me too. I hope O.P.I come out with more of these sets in the future.

Price - £59.95   Rating - 5/5
Recommend - Yes       Re-Purchase - Yes
Available at -, Sephora