Friday, 15 December 2017

Perfume Power! - Britney Spears 'Private Show'

I bought this perfume a while ago because I couldn’t find a sample of it anywhere and I thought I would just blind buy it anyway. I like a lot of other Britney perfumes and I thought I would like this one too. I was a little wrong!

The bottle is a transparent glass hexagonal diamond shape and it has a very simple, yet elegant design. The brand and perfume names are printed in gold across the front of the bottle. The cap is made of light pink plastic and shaped like a diamond. This perfume has the regular perfume spritzer.

The fragrance notes are:-

Top Notes: Coffee, Whipped Cream, Nectarine & Clementine
Middle Notes: Jasmine Sambac, Orange Blossom & Dulce de Leche
Base Notes: Amber & Musk

The bottle design is very nice and sleek. This scent is really light and sweet; it would make a great candle scent. You can smell the musk and warm cream and coffee notes too and it kind of reminds me of Midnight Fantasy for some reason! It does last quite a while on the skin. I would say it is a young scent, as it does smell quite sweet, but it is a more mature scent than some of Britney’s other ones. I would recommend that you purchase this scent, but I personally won’t be wearing it and I wouldn’t re-purchase it.

Price - £22.50   Rating - 4/5
Recommend - Yes        Re-Purchase - No
Available at - Boots, Superdrug

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Serial Sampler #12

I have another mascara sample I would like to share with you today.

It is Upward Lash by MAC and it is a 1g sample of the full size mascara.

It is supposed to give your lashes high-rise volume, length and curl and be very easy to apply with the effects being noticeable within seconds. It has a moulded brush with a hollow centre which is supposed to retain a lot of the mascara product. The brush is smaller than a standard mascara wand and it should make it easier to apply.
This mascara does add quite a bit volume to your lashes, as well as length, separation and definition. It is very easy to apply and after a couple of coats you are good to go. I also found that it slightly curled the tips of my lashes. The effects hold all day and I do like the brush. I would definitely be interested in purchasing a full sized tube, but it will have to wait as I have quite a few mascaras still to test!

You can buy the full sized tube for £19.50 and it is available for sale at and MAC stores.

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Monday, 11 December 2017

HUDA BEAUTY Desert Dusk Palette

I have seen the HUDA BEAUTY Textured Eyeshadows: Rose Gold Edition Palette before and only some of the shades appealed to me, which is why I decided not to purchase it, let’s face it HUDA BEAUTY palettes are a little expensive! When I saw a photo of the new palette they were dropping, I instantly fell in love. All of the shades appealed to me, but I was mostly interested in the shimmery shades. I actually wasn’t going to get this palette, which is why I bought the CR Queen of Hearts Palette, but I just couldn’t resist!
The packaging is quite simple, made of black cardboard but it has an Arabian woman on the front (It might actually be Huda) and the eyeshadow and headpiece she is wearing is reflective. The palette has a magnetic closing and you just lift it up to reveal the mirror and eyeshadow pans.
You get eighteen eyeshadows with a net weight of 25.2g and in four different brand new finishes; Matte, Pressed Pearl, Duo-chrome Topper and Pure Glitter.
DESERT SAND - soft light medium yellow (M)
MUSK - medium taupe brown (M)
EDEN - medium orange (M)
AMBER - medium reddish dark brown (M)
BLOOD MOON - rich medium dark reddish copper (PP)
OUD - dark plummy brown (M)
CELESTIAL - medium peachy brown with pink/gold glitter (DCT)
NEFERTITI - medium brown gold (PP)
TWILIGHT - medium pinky lavender with glitter (DCT)
AMETHYST - medium dark magenta purple (M)
ROYAL - plummy brown with pink pearl (PP)
RETROGRADE - coppery brown with blue/green glitter (DCT)
CASHMERE - medium metallic taupe (PP)
ANGELIC - medium cool pink with golden shimmer (PP)
COSMO - dark copper with golden glitter (PG)
TURKISH DELIGHT - rich cranberry red with metallic sheen (PP)
SAFFRON - muted dark red (M)
BLAZING - rich dark orange (M)

The eyeshadows should be vibrant, highly pigmented and easy to layer. The shade selection is inspired by the Arabian Desert. The palette is cruelty free, but it is not vegan.

The quality of these eyeshadows is amazing! They are super pigmented, they layer and blend like a dream. I still recommend eye primer. I didn’t get any fall-out from the shades I tested, but they are powder eyeshadows so you will get ‘kick back’ when you coat your brushes. My favourite shade is Turkish Delight. The only dud shade is Cosmo because it is a pure glitter. It is like loose glitter that has been pressed into the pan, but there is nothing in the formula to bind it together to make a pressed eyeshadow like the rest of the shades. As soon as you touch it, it will crumble and fall out of the pan. I have seen that this has happened with a lot of people that bought the palette, so because of this Cosmo isn’t really a shade you will be able to use properly, if at all! This palette isn't technically vegan as it is contains Carmine. Overall, I really love this palette; the only downside for me is the price. I’m not sure the quality justifies the hefty price tag. Nevertheless, I would re-purchase it because I love it and I am addicted to purchasing palettes!

Price - £56.00   Rating - 5/5
Recommend - Yes        Re-Purchase - Yes
Available at -,

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

MAC Lipsticks - Fall Inspired

I thought I would share some swatches of the last three MAC lipsticks I bought. I bought them quite a while ago and when I put them side by side in the tube, it was funny how similar they looked, but when swatched you do notice the difference.
The lipsticks retail for £16.50 and you get 3g of product in the tube. The Velvet Teddy version I have is in the Shadescents packaging, which means you can also get a MAC perfume inspired by the shade. The shade is also available in the regular black packaging, but I chose this packaging because it was the same price and it looks more special.
FAUX (S) - muted mauve pink
TWIG (S) - soft muted brown pink
VELVET TEDDY (M) - deep tone beige
My favourite out of three is Twig and it is the perfect shade for the autumn/fall season. My MAC lipstick collection is coming on quite nicely and I can’t wait to buy more shades.

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Monday, 20 November 2017

Make-Up Declutter 2017

I recently did a declutter of my cosmetics and I thought I would share with you how many products I got rid of. I decided to do a declutter because I haven’t done one since March 2016 and I also recently had my bedroom re-decorated and I bought everything brand new, a lot of IKEA furniture! I wanted to sort through everything and then organise it into my new furniture.

I bought the cult IKEA Alex 9 Drawer unit for my make-up products and I have to say I am a little underwhelmed by it. I bought some inserts to use in the drawers and they didn’t fit, so I was annoyed at that anyway. You can only pull the drawers out two thirds of the way, so you have a little wasted space at the back that you can’t reach. I suppose you could modify it, but I’m not messing about. I had to buy some cutlery trays to store my make-up in and I am not overly happy with the results, but it will do for now! The unit is a lot smaller than it looks and I always wondered why bloggers tend to have more than one, I have my answer now because if you have a ridiculous amount of make-up, you will need more than one. Let’s get into what I managed to purge from my collection:

Foundations - 2
Bronzers - 1
Blushes - 4
Cheek Duos - 1
Various Samples - 7

That is a total of 15 face products. The brands of products I got rid of are; e.l.f, Rimmel, NARS, Benefit, theBalm, Stila, Too Faced and Urban Decay.

Eye Primers - 9
Single Powder Eyeshadows - 10
Cream Eyeshadows - 5
Liquid Eyeliner - 1
Pencil Eyeliner - 1
Mascaras - 7
Brow Products - 4
Various Samples - 4

That is a total of 41 eye products. The brands of products I got rid of are; Urban Decay, Colour Pop, Maybelline, e.l.f, NYC, MAC, Too Faced, Rimmel and Benefit.

Lipsticks - 14
Lipgloss - 3
Lipstains - 2
Various Samples - 4

That is a total of 23 lip products. The brands of products I got rid of are; Revlon, Tanya Burr, MAC, Rimmel, Urban Decay, Too Faced and Maybelline.

Eye Palettes - 13
Cheek Palettes - 2
Multi Use Palettes - 2

That is a total of 17 palettes. The brands of palettes I got rid of are; Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Too Faced, Cargo, Urban Decay, e.l.f and Tarte.

Face - 7
Eye - 11

That is a total of 18 brushes. The brands of brushes I got rid of are; Zoeva, Lauren Luke and e.l.f.

Perfume - 1
Mini Perfumes - 3
Samples - 15

That is a total of 19 fragrances. The brands of fragrances I got rid of were a mixture of Celebrity and Designer.

Full Size Bottles - 15
Mini - 25

That is a total of 40 nail polishes. The brands of nail polishes I got rid of are; Essie, Barry M and O.P.I.

On a whole it doesn’t seem as though I got rid of that much, but I did my first and major declutter last year and since then I haven’t subscribed to any beauty boxes, which helps a lot because I don’t end up hoarding a lot of stuff I don’t really need or want. Everything I got rid of either went to my Sister, in the bin or in a bag that I am going to donate in the new year. I am going to wait until at least after Christmas to donate it, just in case I end up collecting any more cosmetics I don’t really need or want. I actually decluttered everything I own, but I only really wanted to share the cosmetic portion with you.

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