Friday, 27 April 2018

Laura Lee Los Angeles Cats Pajamas Palette

I heard about this palette before it first launched and I thought it looked pretty, but once it was available in the UK, I decided not to buy it as it looks a lot like my other palettes. I only decided to purchase it when I saw that it was on offer on I got it for £17.50 and I thought that they must be desperate to get rid of some selling them off at that price!
It is a palette by Laura Lee, who is a beauty influencer on YouTube and Laura Lee Los Angeles is her new beauty brand. This is her first product and palette. I know her brand also did a collaboration with ColourPop and she has just released her second palette called Nudie Patootie and a few more products are due to launch soon (eyeliners and liquid lipsticks). I actually don’t follow her, as she is not my cup of tea but this doesn’t stop me from trying out her products, sometimes make-up is just make-up after all!
The packaging is actually quite nice. The outer carton is made out of card with a pink floral design all over it. The palette is made out of cardboard and it has a glittery silver covering over it. The glitter isn’t textured; it is like a vinyl covering. The brand logo is stamped right in the middle. The logo is simple, yet sophisticated. Inside the palette you get a small mirror, which is surrounded by cardboard with the same floral print all over it as the outer carton.

You get ten 2g eyeshadows in three different finishes; semi-matte/satin, matte and shimmer.
OKIE DOKIE - matte off white (SMS)
SCATTER BRAIN - pale gold shimmer (S)
BOMB DIGGITY - matte caramel (M)
CRAY CRAY - deep burnt matte orange (M)
REDONKULUS - copper shimmer (S)
QUIRKY - deep purple shimmer (S)
KOOKY - matte amaranth (M)
IN ONE EAR - burgundy shimmer (S)
OUT THE OTHER - plum shimmer (S)
ODD BALL - black shimmer (S)

The eyeshadows are all pressed powders and they should be highly pigmented, whether used wet or dry and you should be able to create a range of versatile looks from dark smoky to soft glamour. This palette is also vegan and cruelty free.

This palette is actually quite good! I do like the packaging and the quality is great. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented, they are quite powdery because when you touch the shades with your brush, it kicks back a lot of the powder, but I expect this with all eyeshadows, powder ones anyway. They also blend very nicely too and I always use eye primer. The shimmer ones are more intense when wet, but I got on fine with them dry. My favourite shades are Scatter Brain and In One Ear. The only issues I have are that the packaging design has nothing to do with cats or pajamas. Outside is glittery, but inside is pink and floral. Also, the shades and the shade names have nothing to with cats either. I am confused as to why it is called Cats Pajamas. I am guessing that there is no theme other than it was put together based on things Laura likes (particular colours, shiny things, pink, floral patterns, cats and pajamas!). I also found it hard to create versatile looks. That could just be the fact that I am still really an amateur when it comes to creating make-up looks. I found it easy to create a bronzy and neutral look, but to create a vampy look I feel like the shade range is lacking for me. It is still a great palette, but I wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner. I personally wouldn’t re-purchase this palette, but I am thinking about purchasing the Nudie Patootie Palette, but I really don’t think I need another neutral palette!

Price - £35.00  
Available at -,
I Got It - for £17.50 from

Monday, 16 April 2018

Rimmel Haul

I have a Rimmel haul for you today. I purchased all of the products from and I got 21% off everything. I just fancied trying out a few new products and I needed to re-purchase a couple of favourites.

I re-purchased my favourite concealer; Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer in 010 Ivory, Brow This Way Gel in Clear and my old time favourite pressed powder; Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 001 Transparent.

The new items I purchased are; Sunshimmer Bronzer in Light Matte, Match Perfection Concealer in 010 Porcelain, Lasting Finish 25hr Breathable Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain and lastly the Lasting Finish 25hr Breathable Concealer in 001 Light Ivory.

I can’t wait to test out the new products and I will also be doing another declutter soon because I have purchased some new storage trays and I will be doing a lot of re-organising. I don’t think I will share it with you though because I won’t be getting rid of much more stuff.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Treats Box #1

I thought I would share with you a box from a new subscription of mine that I received last week. It is a sweets subscription box and it is much like the Graze Box subscriptions, apart from the snacks are not as healthy for you. An advertisement for the subscription service popped up on Facebook the other day and I thought, I love sweets and sometimes don’t know what I fancy because my tastes change, so I thought I would give the subscription a go.

I subscribed via and there is an introductory offer for your first box, which makes it £2.49 (inc postage), after that it is £3.99 per box. You get four packets of sweets in each box and they have a varied menu (they call it ‘Treats Cupboard’). On Graze you can bin any snacks you don’t like or think you won’t like straight away so that you won’t be sent them, but there isn’t the option on Treats, so it is a gamble if you know there are sweets in their cupboard you don’t like (I don’t like buttery sweets, some chewy sweets or liquorice).

The outer packaging is identical to Grazes as well as the little plastic packets the treats come in.
In this box I received; Rainbow Stripes, Heart Throbs, Mini Strawberry Pencils and Tangfastic. I have tried all of these sweets before and I like them all. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but I am glad that they were all ones I already liked. I dreaded that I might end up with liquorice! You can actually rate your sweets and you can bin any that you receive that you don’t like, so that you don’t receive them again.

It is a good subscription service and a bit different to Graze. I might get one more box and then I may unsubscribe because I can buy sweets from the shop in larger quantities, plus having four smaller packets encourages me to eat them all in one go. I would say that this service would be more suitable for children. The portion sizes are ideal for children and it would feel more like a treat for them.

Friday, 2 March 2018

MAC Haul #5

I recently made another MAC purchase and I thought I would share with you what I bought this time. There are still a few other items I am interested in buying, but they will have to wait for the time being.
I decided I wanted my own MAC palette after all, so I purchased the Pro Palette Large Duo Compact which will hold thirty MAC eyeshadows if you use the inserts and probably will hold a lot more without the inserts. I also got one of the Pro Palette Eyeshadow/Concealer x 15 Inserts to hold my new eyeshadows, it is a good job too because the actual palette isn’t magnetic, which is a shame. The eyeshadow pans do come with magnets attached to them, but you would have to fix a magnet to any other eyeshadow you want to store in the palette. I bought four Eyeshadows in Honey Lust, Star Violet, Sketch and Cranberry. I was going to buy Haux and Quarry too, but I decided to wait until next time because I forgot to order a fluidline I wanted with this order anyway. Lastly, I purchased a Pigment in Golden Olive. I have thought about buying a pigment for years, but I find loose eyeshadows very messy to use. This shade happened to be on sale and the swatches online looked beautiful. I am a sucker for a pretty green eyeshadow! I was also sent another free sample of the In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara.

I will be making another MAC purchase very soon, but I probably won’t haul it because it will most likely just be two eyeshadows and a fluidline. My next post will be a palette review, which I mean’t to post last year but didn’t for some reason. I also have a lot more palette reviews coming soon as I have been naughty!

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Serial Sampler #13

Today I have a mini mascara to share with you.

It is Roller Lash by Benefit and it is a 3.0g sample of the full size mascara.

It is described as having a hook n roll brush which is able to grab each lash. It should lift, separate and curl your lashes. It has an instant curve setting formula which should last for twelve hours.
This is mascara is brilliant! It separates, lifts and curls your lashes and the effects are very long lasting and it can actually last for twelve hours onwards. The formula has a deep black colour and you can get a muted false lash look. The formula isn’t clumpy but if you apply quite a few coats you can get a slightly clumpy look. The mascara can smudge and transfer if your eyes are wet or if you rub them. The brush is very easy to use and coat all of your lashes. I do like this mascara and I would definitely consider purchasing a full sized tube of it. The only thing I would change is the volume it gives, I wish it gave more. I have tried better volumising mascaras, but this mascara actually separates and defines, which a lot of volumising mascaras don’t.

You can buy the full sized tube for £20.50 and it is available for sale at and Sephora.

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